Game Play

1) Form 2 teams
2) Get in a circle (opposing teammates to your LEFT & RIGHT)
3) Pick which team goes 1st
4) Player on Team 1 opens game on phone
5) Player on Team 1 chooses category & START!
6) Player on 1st team reads question & answers aloud to team
7) All other players on 1st team decide on answer
8) Player on 1st team clicks answer
9) If WRONG, take a drink(!) and repeat steps 6-9
10) If CORRECT, pass the phone to the LEFT (to Player on Team 2)
11) Repeat steps 6-10 until timer runs out (timer = between 30 sec - 3 minutes)
12) ALL PLAYERS on team of Player holding the phone when timer runs out MUST DRINK!
13) Play again!

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